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It's never too late to become what you might have been.


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When you participate in Hapkido you can expect the unexpected. This incredibly varied and eclectic martial art features a wide range of techniques and applications that ensures you are never bored with your training. This is a fun way to exercise and learn self-control.

Push yourself to new heights

Gain the advantage

Embellish your grappling

Many who practice Hapkido enjoy the use of weaponry. Our no contract, flexible scheduling approach enables you to also pursue weapons training if you desire.

Hapkido is a softer form in which your opponent's strength is often used against them. Joint locks, grappling and throws challenge you to link mind and body.

When grappling within the Hapkido technique, the primary emphasis of your technique is to gain the advantage over your opponent with footwork, circular motions and body positioning.

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