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It's never too late to become what you might have been.


Stay active and strong

Age should not keep you from pursuing an active, enjoyable lifestyle. Keeping your body in good condition helps you to stay healthy and make more out of your daily life. Our senior classes are tailored to the needs of older adults for maximum fun and benefits.

Keep your mind active

Enjoy low impact exercise

Make martial arts a family adventure

Bring your family along to enjoy our family-oriented environment and flexible scheduling. To ensure your martial arts fits into everyone's busy life we don't have contracts and offer affordable rates on all programs.

Participating in regular social activity encourages your mind to stay strong, improving your mental and emotional health.

Our senior self defense and fitness classes are designed with the specific needs of mature adults in mind. These low-impact workouts support cardiovascular and muscular health while protecting your knees.

Keep your mind and body nimble